In November 2011, on a recommendation from the Knox County District Licensing Council, the Knox County Board of Health voted to post food service inspection reports online, beginning with the March 2012 licensing period.

At this time, the reports will be listed alphabetically in pdf form.
Later we will be adding a search engine to catalog the 1,000 plus reports for the more than 300 facilities that the Environmental Health staff inspects annually.

Should you have any questions regarding the reports or need to file a complaint on a food service operation, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or call 740-392-2200, Ext. 2222.

2012 Food Service Inspection Reports

AmVets Post 95

Adventist Book Center

Apple Valley Marathon

Creno's Pizza

Colonial City Lanes

Dale's Cardinal Market

Dan Emmett Park Concession

Dirko’s Pizza
Domino's Pizza of Fredericktown

Domino’s Pizza of Howard 
Domino's Pizza of Mount Vernon 

Down to Earth Natural Foods

Duke and Dutchess 204 

Emeritus at Hillenvale 

Fiesta Mexicana

Fredericktown Marathon

Friendly Meadows Country Store

Heavenly Host Gardens

Hot Rods #2 
Hometown Market 

Honey Buckets & Suzy Q Drive Thru 

Ice Cream Station

Honey Buckets Tavern

Howard Hilton, LLP 
Kelly's Pizza 

Little Ceasar's Pizza

Lyon's Den 

Nancy Maria's Pizza

Papa John's Pizza 

Phillips Park Concession

Pink Cupcake (The) 

Pizza Burg 
Pub 36 

Route 62 Drive-In

RJ's Drive-Thru & Carry-Out 

South Point Sunoco 

Super 8 Hotel 

Taste of Country

The Dairy 
Town Center Marathon 
United Dairy Farmers 

Inspection Definitions

Inspection Frequency - There are four possible “risk” levels of food licenses. The level is assigned based on the relative risk associated with how the business operates. Level one is the lowest risk and level four is the highest. Below is a brief description of the types of licenses:

  •  Risk level I  poses potential risk to the public in terms of sanitation, food labeling sources of food, storage practices, or expiration dates.


  •  Risk level II poses a higher potential risk to the public than risk level I because of hand contact or employee health concerns but minimal possibility of pathogenic growth exists.


  •  Risk level III poses a higher potential risk to the public than risk level II because of the following concerns: proper cooking temperatures, proper cooling procedures, proper holding temperatures, contamination issues or improper heat treatment in association with longer holding times before consumption, or processing a raw food product requiring bacterial load reduction procedures in order to sell it as ready-to-eat.


  •  Risk level IV poses a higher potential risk to the public than risk level III because of concerns associated with: handling or preparing food using a procedure with several preparation steps that  includes reheating of a product or ingredient of a product where multiple temperature controls are needed to preclude bacterial growth; offering as ready-to-eat a raw time/temperature controlled for safety meat, poultry product, fish, or shellfish or a food with these raw time/temperature controlled for safety items as ingredients; using freezing as a means to achieve parasite destruction; serving a primarily high risk clientele including immuno-compromised or elderly individuals in a facility that provides either health care or assisted living; or using time in lieu of temperature as a public health control for time/temperature controlled for safety food or performs a food handling process that is not addressed, deviates, or otherwise requires a variance for the process.

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