The Food Safety Program inspects food service operations, food vending machines, mobile food operations, and food establishments. Schools, daycare centers, restaurants, and hospitals are just a few of the areas inspected on a regular basis by this division.

Food Safety and InspectionsKnox County OhioThings we do:

  • License all food service operations and food establishments
  • Inspect food establishments and food services operations
  • Approve plans for all new and renovated food-related facilities
  • Investigate foodborne illnesses and reports of contaminated food
  • Investigate customer complaints
  • Procure and analyzes water samples from food establishments/food service operations with privately owned wells
  • Make in-service presentations
  • Investigate reports of food related violations
  • Inspect vending machines that dispense food products

If you need information about a change of ownership inspection,  or have any questions or concerns regarding food service operations, please contact the Environmental Health Division at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling 740-392-2200. Ext. 2222.

There are several new changes in the Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code  that take affect this year. Click here to see a summary of the  latest changes. 

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License Types

Food Safety Handling and Inspections Knox County

A Food Service License is issued to a location or area where food is prepared and served in individual portions. Examples include restaurants, cafeterias, and schools.

A Retail Food Establishment License is issued to a facility that sells prepackaged food items, or sells multiple servings of food products. Examples include grocery stores, gas stations, and most pizza shops.

Temporary Food License is issued to a facility that is operated at an event for no more than five consecutive days.

Mobile Food License is issued to a moveable structure which must change locations at least once every 40 (forty) days.

Vending Machine License is required if you sell food that requires temperature control (frozen, refrigerated, or hot food). A license is also required if the food is dispensed in an open container or cup, such as coffee, soda, soup, or hot chocolate.

Forms and Resources

Plan Review Submittal Packet  

Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code

Ohio Food Safety Code

Mobile Food Service Operation Guidelines

Mobile Food Planning Guide and Review Form

Cottage Food Production 

Application for Temporary Food Permit - 5 pages 

Guidelines During a Boil Advisory or Water Interruption

Food Safety Guidelines at Temporary Events

Food Safety Posters  (9 different posters, print one or all)

Food Safety Posters (Spanish)   (9 different posters, print one or all) 

Food Safety Posters (Chinese)   (9 different posters, print one or all)

Labeling Requirements

Consumer Advisory Requirements

Employee Illness Reporting Requirements

Choking Poster – Color Version -   B/W Version 

Bodily Fluid Clean-up Guidance 

Food Employee/Conditional Employee Reporting Disease Agreement Example 


Food Safety Classes

Person-In-Charge Class

The Knox County Health Department provides a mandatory one-day food safety class for food service workers with little or no food service experience. The classes are held three times a year and also offered on an as needed basis in the health department conference room. Classes are free. Pre-registration is required. Click here for more information and registration form.

ServSafe Class

A three-day "Certification in Food Protection" (ServSafe) course is also available to food service managers. The Serv-Safe program is offered three times a year. Class fee is $193 per person which includes the textbook and handouts. Click here for more information and registration form.

Other sources for training: 

If you are unable to attend any of the trainings we offer, click here to connect with searchable database on the Ohio Department of Health's website for other Level I and Level II trainings in neighboring counties.



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