Norovirus Knox County Ohio

Cases of Zika virus reported in U.S.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is working with public health officials throughout the world to monitor for ongoing Zika virus‎ transmission and to educate travelers on its prevention. In January 2016, the World Health Organization announced that the disease was “spreading explosively” in the Americas and that as many as four million people could be infected by the end of the year. More>




Diabetes ComplicationsComplications from diabetes are serious

More than 25 million children and adults in the United States, roughly 8.3 percent of the population, have diabetes. Complications from diabetes are serious, and can include high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, blindness, kidney disease, neuropathy (nervous system disease) and amputation. Studies have indicated that the early detection and treatment can decrease the chance of developing these complications. Unfortunately, diabetes often goes undiagnosed. More>




My Plate Healthy EatingLearning to eat healthier with MyPlate

In its latest effort to get Americans to eat healthier meals and fight the obesity epidemic, the federal government has introduced a new nutrition icon called MyPlate. It replaces replaces the Food Pyramid, which had become too complicated to follow. The MyPlate logo suggests people eat balanced meals consisting of servings of fruits, vegetables, grains, protein and a small amount of dairy. To help make healthy choices, the USDA is also introducing a website called  The site is designed to provide consumers with practical information on healthful eating. More>




VaccinePertussis Booster recommended for Adults

Pertussis is the only vaccine-preventable disease that is associated with increasing deaths in the U.S. Yet, immunization does not offer life-long immunity and adults rarely die if they contract pertussis after the effects of their childhood vaccinations have worn off. However, they may transmit the disease to others including children who have not been immunized and especially infants who are at a greatly increased risk of serious complications including death. A booster shot is recommended for those who are around infants including grandparents and daycare providers.  More>





Algal blooms threaten local beaches and ponds

Algal blooms have become more noticeable in Ohio’s lakes, streams and rivers during the last few years. Although most blooms are green algae and not harmful, there are some that are actually a type of cyanobacteria and have the ability to produce toxins – called Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs). HABs are also a new and evolving science. Because not everything is known about when toxins are produced and released, we have created a new tiered advisory system for Ohio’s beaches. More>




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